Thursday, May 4, 2017

another one down

Welp. I am here am again. Another finals season...another brain dump...another few minutes reminiscing. 
I find it hard to believe I'm here... 
2 years? 
Are you sure?

Everything around me confirms it's the truth but my brain refuses to believe it.  

Gosh, it's been so much fun - in ways I never anticipated. The Lord sure does have a funny sense of humor.
I find myself sitting at the halfway point, grinning in contentment and wonder at everything that has happened.
Somehow, this poor blog always gets the dumping of these moments. And I'm sorry this place has turned into just a place for updates. 

But updates are important too. We have to look back and see how far we've come, sometimes. 
It makes it all worth it. 

This year hasn't been the easiest one. Things are getting more difficult and school has become \more about finding a career than about academics. 
I don't know exactly what my career holds, 
but I feel like I've landed exactly where I belong. 

When people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered that I wanted to do what I was made to do. In many ways, I think this is the desire of us all. 
I remember pleading with the Lord to reveal his plan...begging for a sense of purpose and belonging. 

I finally feel like I've found that purpose. 
I've hit a stride. 
I love calling myself a Japanese and Business major - because I can truly say that those are two things I am passionate about. 
But more than that, I think I've realized (yet again) that a sense of belonging and purpose are not dependent on seasons of life. They're dependent on perspective and a willingness to do whatever the Lord would have. 
Sometimes it doesn't look like I expect. And that's okay. 
It's all about the journey. 

And during the journey, the Lord has provided so many lovely many great friends and hilarious memories I will never forget. There have been countless nights without sleep, so many deep Jesus conversations, midnight milkshake runs, and spontaneous trips to Florida. 

There have been 16 hour study parties and spring breaks I'll never forget. But there have also been quiet moments - my quiet time in my treehouse room every morning and good music on walks to class. 

I've drank more coffee than I'd like to admit. And my sensei always makes fun of me for it. 
My eyes usually have bags, and my business casual is usually wrinkled...

but my face is generally happy. 

It's been a good time. 

And as I look forward to the summer, to studying in Japan and getting my wisdom teeth out and traveling up the east coast, I just have so much peace. 
And I'm so excited. 

"These are just the beginning of all that he does, merely a whisper of his power. Who, then, can comprehend the majesty of his power?"

Job 26:14

Thanks for listening. 
Until next time, 


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