Tuesday, January 10, 2017

full circle.

I'm not sure I could adequately put into words how quickly this break flew by. 
So I won't even try. 

We've all been over it before - it's a mind-blower.

So instead, I'll just comment on how fun it's all been...how much I've thoroughly enjoyed watching it all fly by.

It's stunning. 

I found myself up and down the East Cost during this Winter Break...it was non-stop.

On more than one occasion I found myself speechless - in awe of so many things the Lord has pulled together in His perfect timing. 
It's been a pattern lately - things coming full circle.
It's a cycle.
This has been a season of cycles.  

And it makes me excited for things to come. Because I've seen what happens when the Lord takes the reigns...what details He builds upon and what threads He weaves. 
 I can only begin to imagine what amazing things are beginning out of this season. 

It's bound to be beautiful when it all comes around again --

That's all for now.
I don't wanna over-think it or write it to death - some things are better explained with less words:) 


G :) 

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