Sunday, June 3, 2012

under pressure.


Sometimes you just have to ignore the stress that comes with living in this world, and live for the eternal.

When I realize that I'm just living for another world, and I internalize that everything on this earth will be nothing,  my life begins to turn in uncomfortable ways. Because I'm not bound to the things of this earth.

With this move to Japan, I have come to realize that what we attatch to in our day to day lives, really has no purpose unless it's for an eternal purpose.
As I was going through jars of seashells, and age old I pilfered through my crafts, and carefully pressed flowers, I realized that I was so very attatched to them.
And I cried.
I cried because I didn't want to move them. I cried because I knew that everything was changing, and I cried because I was uncomfortable.
God is pushing me to a faith that is beyond what I have known before. It's so hard...but it's so marvelous. I love this closeness that I have developed with God as a result of having everything I know be changed! It's like I have nothing more to depend on but Him and my family.
It's great!!!
But sometimes it hurts.

So that is why I'm writing; because it hurt today as I was packing. That's it!
And I know that I live for an eternal I can go to sleep tonight with a peace that comes only from living for another world. :)))

And I'm happy. So happy:)

"Why can't we give love one more chance? Cause love is such an old fashioned word, and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares us to change our ways of caring about ourselves."
David Bowie "Under Pressure"

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