H E L L O 

  I'm Graysie

lover of the Creator

lifetime adventurer



drinker of full fat cafe lattes

random dancer

I believe in lives lived by the beach, open windows, fresh flowers, Saturday morning pancakes, and spontaneous sushi runs. Rich coffee, dark chocolate, amazing literature, afternoon naps, and throngs of laughter that end with wet eyes and sore cheeks.
I'm inspired by brave hearts and courageous lives....by orphans' laughter and by helping those in need. 

 I called the southern islands of Japan home, for a time...for about 6 years total.

During my time there, I fell in love with the people, the culture, and the tradition that infuses every aspect of life.

I fell in love with the lines around the smiles of everyone I came across, Japanese hospitality, and the mountains surrounding my little hometown by the sea.
The ever-present salt-air breeze and the lotus fields behind my house filled my soul in a way I can't describe...

It was a magical time.

I'll forever be impacted by my time there.

But seasons change, and now I hang my hat in the southern United States to continue my education in International Business and Japanese Language.
Not every day is as exotic as my time abroad, but I'm learning to be grateful for even the most simple of joys here.
This is a blessed season in it's own right.
And I'm just thrilled to be a part of it.

This is a blog about living - a blog about becoming who I was destined to be by my Creator, and trying to have the most fun in the process. 

Thank you for stopping by.