Saturday, June 16, 2012

the littlest, loveliest things.

Today, the loveliest, littlest things to fill my days are:
key lime pie
coffee from Tanzania
fresh veggies
beet greens given to us by our neighbor
sermons by Francis Chan
texts that put a smile on my face:)
morning breezes
big waves
laying on a blanket on a summer night
the fact that Mick won first place in his age division for a Triathlon. So. Proud. Of. Him.
inside jokes
my mama's reassuring smiles
padre's bear hugs
the promise of beach days
a great playlist for long roadtrips
iced coffee
sushi. authentic sushi.
the fact that they have boba and mochi at froyo
finding things that I had forgotten about
the loads of covers on my bed

That is all for now folks,

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