Monday, July 14, 2014

My Fourth: Tokyo Tower - Asakusa - Odaiba

I was in Tokyo for the Fourth of July. 

It was rainy, the streets were crowded, 
and if it weren't for the American Flag emblazoned across a very wealthy Japanese socialite's t-shirt, I might have forgotten it was Independence Day altogether. 
Which is kinda sad, actually. 
But such is the life of an ex-pat. 
So I'm not complaining. 

We celebrated with an overwhelming tour of one of the largest cities in the world - visiting ancient temples, being pushed through an oceans of people, eating rice balls on street corners, and taking cliche pictures with the rest of the Gaijin crowd. We looked down on the city of Tokyo from the Tokyo tower, strolled through the busy outside markets of Asakusa, stood under the famous red lantern of the Sensoji-dera, and took a river cruise to Odaiba where I went to a real live mall for the first time in over a year. 
Then, at the end of the day, we headed home with feet sore, shopping bags full, and a thoughts buzzing with memories from an overwhelming day. 
 It was an Independence Day celebrated in the least traditional way possible, but it was nice. 
And it made me appreciate the slow pace of my sea-side home even more :) 


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  1. you captured the busy vibes so perfectly.
    i'm completely captivated by the vibrant colors in all of these- there is SO much more color and brightness than there is, just walking in an american city. :P


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