Monday, March 2, 2015

a soldier he has called me...a soldier I shall be.

 A solider He has called me, a soldier I shall be
To walk in valleys of need, to set these people free
To hear your voice above the noise, to celebrate the skies
To swim in clouds of reverie, reverie of the inner why
Why I live, why I love, why I am sitting here today
Why You chose, why You gave, why You came to say
"Daughter, take my hand, here's the mercy, now take the grace.Swim in the abundance of my faithfulness, swim and see my face."
Your face, oh how it longs for us to fall hard into Your arms
To know that You are enough, and that in You there is no harm
Safety is a foreign thing, because living for You is like a knife
Painful to the side of my will, but in Your will there is life.
So I come to you for water, for only You diminish my thirst.
And I smile as I walk these roads, because I know that You were here first.
Forever You were, forever You are
and forever You will be.

richelle navales 

This is my cry, today...and every day.

To hear Your voice above the noise...

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