Saturday, July 21, 2012

a week of rain.

It's a quiet night, the rain is dripping on the window pane beside me, and music is softly playing in the background. Most of the house is sleeping, but I have felt the urge to sit and write.
Dear readers, I must apologize for the lack of writing. I simply haven't made enough time to think about my blog. But that must change! I enjoy this little place so much, that I believe the abandonment of it would make me absolutely crazy.
So for now, I write. I write alone in this room by the window pane thinking about my little family and how it's strewn all over the big wide world. Dad has arrived in Japan and he says that it is absolutely wonderful. It looks so beautiful, and if I was to be completely honest I'd tell you that I want to get there with him and little Bo. But I'm going to ignore that fact, and enjoy the moments that I have here with those precious to my heart because I know that in a little while they'll be gone, and I will be glad I savored them.

For a week, rain has flooded our little town. Everyday, thunder has bubbled up from the clouds and the rain has fallen steady. And to me, this week of rain has been so cleansing. It washes over everything, leaving all it touches washed clean. It leaves the grass dewy and the air clean. It reminds me of this season in our lives which will come and go; and with it's leaving, it will bring things new and fresh. Perfect ground for starting again.
Like Noah's flood.

  So I sit by the window pane enjoying the rain, and let my Pandora station lead me to sleep. It's been a good week:)
Now here's to the next week, be it in rain or shine.
Here's to the adventures in the past, present, and future.
Here's to the rain.

  Now all I need is a steaming cup of something warm, and a good movie;)

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