Friday, July 30, 2010


When do we forget that life is a gift? Why do we treat it like something that is easily gotten? Why is each breath not properly relished? Life is so delicate. like a peice of intricate lace, life is something delicate, but so interesting, depending on how much time you spend to enjoy it.

Why do we mearly glance at a butterfly? Why do we simply blow past dozens of trees? Why do we long to be away from our sweet families? Why do we long for more, when life should be enough.
Why do we throw life away? Why don't we appreciate life?
Why don't we feel the breeze blowing and relish it? Why do we rush? Why are we discontent with being uncomfortable?

Because we're sinful, and we don't know life like our Saviour does.
Discovery in Divinity leads to the exploration of our world .

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  1. Beautiful post Graysie. And a wonderful reminder. I often just glance at things.


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