Thursday, February 19, 2015

Okinawa 2015

Dear Okinawa, 

Thank you for the salty air and sandy toes. 
Thank you for the warm island smiles, and for sunsets off Sunabe seawall. 
I'm gonna miss your warm breezes and teal waters...I know I'm going to crave your taco rice and fresh sushi. 
But thank you for letting me experience them one more time before I go back home. 
Thank you for the multitude of memories - both formed and relived - and for the opportunity to go back. 
Few people are so lucky.  
Thank you for feeling like home...for reminding me of such a deep part of who I am. 
There's something about you, Okinawa...something right. 
You're part of my roots 
And I love you for it. 


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