Saturday, November 21, 2015

simple joys for busy weeks


1: Buy one get one free holiday drinks at Starbucks. 
Praisin' for a coconut milk eggnog latte! 

2) Real, authentic, Greek food from the cutest bakery downtown

3) formal interviews with Sensei that result in laughter-filled conversations

4) Fall colors and afternoon breezes

5) breaking out my favorite maroon cardigan

6) moments realizing just how wide and deep and long and FULL His love is 

7) late nights studying in the hospital Starbucks - because it's the only place most students don't go.

and the sweet cancer patient I saw there enjoying an immense amount of whipped cream

9) Free cookies from sweet nurses at the hospital

10) encouragement in unexpected places

11) Getting to go home early for Thanksgiving -- so ready to sleep in my own bed and spend the mornings chit chatting with my familia.

12) Songs that make you wanna boogie

13) Sunsets that remind you of His constant provision

14) My first Biology lab, FINISHED.

15) Tickets to go see Mumford and Sons in April. 
Ladies and Gentlemen...I've waited my entire life to go to this concert. I couldn't be more excited. 

16) Dinner at a Japanese friend's house...and getting to eat real Japanese rice with real chopsticks. 
I almost cried.

17) Friends in many places who remind you that a community can come from all over the world. And who make life beautiful. 

18) Christmas packages from Madre - because she always knows the perfect things to send

19) The smell of wet leaves 

20) Waking up with a cold nose and knowing fall is here in it's entirety:) 

Can I get some praiseeee.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week as well. 
For all the busyness and stress that this semester has held, I'm finding myself immensely grateful. 
Maybe it's just because Thanksgiving is on the horizon, but I like to think of it as more than a recognition of God's constant faithfulness, and his steady provision. 

He is so good. 

"Because you are my helper, 
I sing for JOY in the shadow of your wings.
I cling to you 
and your strong right hand holds me securely..."

psalm. 63: 7-8


  1. You are my sunshine.

  2. So loved this!
    Wish I was going M & S with ya & I think I've got the same scarf! Miss ya.


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