Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Heart, 

Please remember...
     Enjoy the quiet. I know you're restless and desperate. But remember His purpose for you in every second. He loves really LOVES you. and you're where you are for a reason. Think of the stars, and how they quietly are content to simply shine for His glory alone. They light up the universe. And He sustains them. Be like the stars. Dedicate every quiet, seemingly too-still moment to Him and he will sustain you. He will make you beam. 

     There is no such thing as too many seashells. I don't care how many jars you have to fill up. Just imagine your beach hut one day...piled to the brim with them:) 

     Every moment is a drop in His hand. Keep your eyes open, and your hands willing. You aren't promised tomorrow. 

     I know you're lonely. And I know you hurt sometimes.  
It's okay. This is life. And we're just guests on earth. As long as we're here, there will always be seasons of loneliness and heartache. But you weren't meant to carry any of it beyond the cross. Let it go. 
"Behold, (He) will be with you always." 

     Open the windows. Play your records. Pick wildflowers just because. Spring doesn't last forever, you know. Don't let the rush of this transition season cause you to forget. Savor it, dear heart. 

     Remember to eat the cookie....and the spinach. Then go have fun. Quit worrying about all the Lechon you ate over vacation. Life is way too short. 

     Sleep in a little when you can. Then enjoy early mornings at the gym with your broski...find joy in the late nights at the laundromat. Then rock the sleepy, baggy eyes and take beautiful afternoon naps. This season is temporary. 

     And finally, dear heart, have courage. God has this all plotted out before you. Lean into Him. Remember, He delights to do us good....that is one of the most freeing truths in the world. 
Now have the faith to let him do it. 
There are far better things ahead...


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