Saturday, November 7, 2015

Transition and Grace // A flash back to Hikari Flea Market...

I wrote this a few months ago....probably in early June. 
But it spells out exactly how I feel now. 
And I thought it was high time it was posted;) 

Plus - the Hikari Flea Market is too beautiful NOT to share!
Sorry it's been so long....


We headed south to Hikari this weekend for the local Flea Market held on the Temple grounds. 
It was early, and the sun was just peeking over the islands, but an escape from the busyness of all our transition was just what we needed. 
It was wonderful to just be able to forget it all for a few hours and enjoy this place we call roll the windows down and blast our beach music, to stop by 7/11 and to eat countless rice balls. 
Sometimes a break is necessary. 
And this one hit the spot. 

Transition is a funny thing. 
It brings loads of busyness and change...waves of emotion and some stress.
It peels back our planning and strips us of control.  
It unsettles us and moves us. 
And I believe it often reveals our true character. 

This move has been no's tested all of us. 
Anticipation is in the air, and stress runs high sometimes. 
There are afternoons of tension and moments when nothing seems to be going right. 
There are days when I get overwhelmed by the emptiness of our house, and the thought of leaving in a little more than a week. 
Time is flying. And we're all constantly reminded of how quickly it's burning up. 
I find myself crying at crazy, random things - like lotus fields at sunset or walks on the seawall at night... I look at the islands that surround us, and the mountains that have become so familiar and I sense having to say goodbye to them for a while. 
It's not always fun. 

But, in the midst of all this craziness - the stress, the transition, and the change - I am reminded of how blessed I am by my family. 
It's during transitions like these when I'm reminded how grateful I really am for them.
Everyone deals with change differently, and we all have had our fair share of messy, crazy adjustment. 
It's not always neat and perfect. 
Sometimes stress levels are high. We say things we don't mean and get irritated easier than normal. People get sad, tears are shed,  and everyone is overwhelmed by the speed of time. 

But I think we've grown closer because of it all. 
I know we have. 
Because in the midst of all this transition, we're being humbled and refined. 
And when circumstance would have us turn our own ways, we turn toward one another and we cling to Grace.
We cling to the power that turns ugliness into beauty and tears into laughter...the Love that is not surprised or put off by imperfections. 
We cling to the Grace that sees the best in each other even in light of our very worst. 
We learn what it really means to love someone. 

So today, I'm thankful. 
I'm thankful for a family abounding in love...for lessons in Grace. 
I'm thankful for a Madre who believes in chocolate almonds and laughter, and who will fight for simple pleasures. I'm thankful for a Padre who knows when to lighten the mood and when to squeeze me tight...who puts things in perspective and leads us in joy. 
And for brothers who are best of friends...who will laugh with me about things nobody else will.  
Because at the end of the day, after all the goodbyes and tears and transition, the 6 of us remain - bonded by our experiences and tethered by Grace. And even for all the insanity, I'm thankful for this season.

It sounds cheesy, but it's true. 

I'm sorry - I'm done gushing for now. 
I just wanted someone to know how thankful I really am for these people God decided to make my family. 
Because I don't think I say it enough. 

They're pretty darn great. 


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