Friday, February 24, 2012


Lately, you may find me in one of two places:
In my little room, studying my heart out
galavanting around these rainy days with my Madre.

                        Lately, I seem to have no motvation for school. I begin to think about what I could be doing instead of studying, and I get so distracted and frustrated. So this week, I have purposed to focus in a deeper fashion, and accomplish my homework with gusto.

Waiting laundry.
It happens.

Lately I have been chasing down two very mischievious puppies. We have been pet sitting so Bo has a play mate and dear Lord do the two of them love to play. Every morning, every afternoon, every night, every minute of the day, Molly and Bo are going at it.  
It's ok though, because they're so darn cute together.

Lately, rainy days have been upon us. With them they have brought 70 degree weather...which is nice. I've been wearing capris and shorts, and we've been keeping the windows open.
You won't see this girl complaining!

So this is my life of late. Not very exciting, but filled with joy non the less.

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