Thursday, August 21, 2014

an abbreviated update.

 I put my map of Kyoto away, today.
Things have been crazy busy, and I've finally gotten the chance to settle down and put everything back in it's place - neat and settled. 
It's strange to think about, really. 
I can't believe a month has passed, and I'm already back home and into my routine so quickly. 
 My head spins at the the thought. 
I'm not sad...I'm overwhelmed. 
God has been so good. 
And I'm so satisfied :) 

I'm pretty sure I have over 1000 pictures from my time in Kyoto. And it will probably take more than one blog post to get through them all and to give each place proper justice. 
But here is just a glimpse for now - an abbreviated update of the last few weeks. 
There's more to come, I promise :) 


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