Tuesday, July 22, 2014

settling In.

The last four days have been a complete adventure. 
I started my journey in a dirty old house covered in cat hair, spent the night in a flea infested futon, was homeless for a day, met a very kind taxi driver, found a nice hotel on Shijo-dori in Gion, toured Gion alone, was the only Gai-jin eating dinner at a very small Chinese Restaurant, and saw my first Maiko. I made my way across the city of Kyoto with a backpack containing my valuables and a marked up paper map, attended my first day of language school, and survived 48 hours with less than 4 hours of sleep. 

It was a whirlwind. 
And I probably should write down the details of the past few days in chronological order at some point - so I don't forget them. 
 But I don't want to right now...that's all behind me now, and I don't want to dwell. 
Instead, I'll tell you that I'm settled into my dorm and I'm safe - that God has provided so graciously over the past few days, and how my faith has been tested and strengthened. 
I'll tell you about the amazing people He has provided...like my new Sensei who happens to be from Iwakuni, and about the sweet sweet man at the Language School who moved me into my dorm and who has taken me under his wing while I'm here. 
I'll tell you about the caretaker of my dorm - my Okaasan, who is like a grandmother to all the girls who live here - and how she makes late night snacks for all of us. 

I'll try to explain the complete satisfaction of riding my bike over city canals and down tree-lined streets to school on breezy mornings, and the sticky, sweaty feeling that never leaves in this Kyoto heat. 
I'll tell you about the afternoons spent studying on the cafe veranda at the University with an iced coffee, and nights spent hunched over 50 new kanji - trying to master stroke patterns...
 the feeling of the night time breeze blowing my shirt behind me on ride home tonight with the sound of street side musicians floating over the river as the sun sets. 

Because it has all been worth it for the moments like these. And I feel nothing but blessed. 

You've been memorable so far, Kyoto. 
And I've learned a lot. 
You're turning out pretty good:) 



  1. i'm pretty sure i say this every time i comment, but your post make my soul yearn for adventure every single time.
    your adventures are just marvelous!

  2. You are too sweet:) Adventures are some of my favorite things!


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