Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grams of life.

Life through the lens of Instagram:

My cousin Ashlyn came to town last weekend! I was super super excited to see her:) When this was taken, we were on our way to see a military homecoming with the Madre and Padre. It was the first one that she had ever seen, and it was so much fun to watch it with her! Although,I kinda felt awkward, being the gawking bystander. That's ok though. We looked important...or we tried anyways ;)

This girl right here is closer to me than a sister, and I can't wait to what God's going to do in our lives and relationship:)

I have some other news:

We're moving to Japan.
This summer, we will pack up our bags and hop across the ocean  to reside for 3 years while Padre takes a job there.

You see, this is definitely a God thing.

When this job came up we thought we were retiring for good. Dad was done with working 85 hr weeks and so were we. We were sure that retirement was the way to go for us, and Dad felt at peace with his 20+ years of service. The jobs that he was offered weren't the ones that we wanted, and didn't give Dad the credentials he would need to eventually retire. So we had resigned to settle for the first time in 24 years.
And it felt good.

Then a curveball was thrown.

The monitor called one afternoon out of the blue and offered Dad a job in Iwakuni, Japan. It was a flying job. One that would give Dad everything he needed to retire afterwards, and would give us more than enough family time. It was a job that gave us one last adventure before I leave home, and one last hoorah before actually leaving the Service.

It was a great opportunity and we accepted the job.

So this summer, we will leave our comfort, friends, church, familiar house, and places, and go to a place we've never been (We've been to Okinowa before, but never Iwakuni). We know not one person there, and will have to build new relationships.

But I have peace.

Because I know that God is sending us to Iwakuni, Japan...and I can't wait to see the seeds He's going to spread by sending us there

It's so comforting to know that God has sent us to this place. To this land that we know nothing about really.
I kinda feel like Abram going out of Ur.
Not knowing what lies ahead...just going. 

Thats what God calls us to do isn't it? To GO.
To go where He tells us and ask no questions because He has it all in his right hand.

Myself and my favorite Asian ever.

So on a note of going, I ought to go to bed!
A big day lies ahead, and I need to be rested for the Adventures that await in the morning:)

I love you all,

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