Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This past weekend we had a birthday bash!
 Mick's birthday is in January, mine is in January, and a couple of our friends have birthdays in....what month? You guessed it: January.  So we decided to let loose, and have a PARTAY.

*Note. Our friends had been on a Daniel fast. That means they had been going with no meat, sugar, dairy, or refined flour for a month. A whole month. As fate would have it, the day of the party was their ending day. So we pulled out the big guns. *

3 Cheese Macaroni. It was sinful. Sinful I tell you.

 Homemade Sushi!

 This is where it gets good:
Death by Oreo Cupcakes, which means,
a whole Oreo in the bottom, Oreo cake, and cream cheese Oreo icing.
They were delectable to say the least.

 Banana Cake with Chocolate frosting and Pistachios on top.
That white one next to it is a Red Velvet.
You can't have to much cake:) Especially after a Daniel fast!

These are all the January babies. It's blurry, but it's the only good one of all of us. Mom is going to have to learn how to use my camera :)

This is the only clear one. And I'm scratching my chin. What?! Who does that?
Apparently I do.

Then to run off all of our opulent feasting, we decided to venture to the nearby baseball field to play some soccer, and to let the dog run around.

And that was our day.
Lovely to say the least, and filled with wonderful, majestic, beautiful food.
Leftovers were great too:)

Although I never really found the Mac and Cheese leftovers....I can' blame one of my broskis for that one!

Until next time,

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  1. Happy Birthday Graysie and Mick! I love you both. :)


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