Saturday, June 26, 2010


Do you ever wonder why things went a certain way, or why something happened. Then, later realized that it was so great that it happened that way. I do. And love that. It shows that there is a plan. Even in the little things, there is a majestic course set, for those who decide to follow the great Map of Glory :)

The fact gives me such confidence. It gives me such wonder and amazement. I fills my soul with an unfathomable peace. It burns my worries away. I feel content in the fact that my life, that my existence is in the hands of God. I stand tall in that contentment.

Rejoice forever-more with me. For we have a creator that cares for our every problem. He cares whole-heartily about every aspect of our being. Laugh with me in that satisfaction!
Cheerio mates :)


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