Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Don't you love the aspect that we are free. No sin, no fear, no hesitation, nothing can keep us from what really matters. The world has a way of getting into our minds, and growning seeds of fear and anxiety. But Saving Grace has a way of coming in and taking you by surprise, at times. By jolting you with the reality that nothing....nothing, can block us from our King, and as long as we have him with us, no act of Satan, no power of earth.
There are things out there that try to tempt us wrongly. It destroys lives, marriages, hearts, and innocence. It brings wrong into this world. When Adam and Eve sinned, they brought that evil into the world. And when they did, they deserved to die, because you see, they had ruined forever what God had set into motion: a pure perfect world. And for a while people lived that way, so afraid of God, and bound by rules. Soon, people started just falling back into sin, and further deserved to be deserted. But God had a plan. This plan was to do the unthinkable. The act of total rebellion to the expectation. He sent, his very own son to spend a life in the world that was filled with sin. He came and lived among it! But not only that, he watched and forsook that son, while he died. This left humans in a total bondage of sin. Until he rose. He rose on the 3rd day and cut the bonds. He spread freedom, which was supposed to be for the world.

So you see. We are free. hey that rhymed :P

Have no more sorrow. He paid for your mistakes :))


  1. Great post Graysie. I loved it. The picture you have on this post is gorgeous. Keep writing for Him! You're an ecouragement.

  2. Aww. Thanks Victoria! Your blog is an encouragement as well!

  3. Ha ha. Thanks for writing back. It's more entertaining to readers and it'll make them come back.


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