Thursday, October 18, 2012

my Iwakuni.

It was two months ago that we came here. 2 months. Can you believe it? In so many ways, it seems like it's only been a mere 2 weeks...and in other ways, it has seemed an eternity.
I've grown to love Iwakuni. It's not necessarily the base that has my heart, but it's the world that I step into when I step off base that has me smitten.
When we came to Iwakuni, we were sure that there was some revolutionary reason that we were supposed to be here. We set out on please the Lord. But more than 2 months after our arrival, we still haven't found the reason we are here. There have been days that I have looked out over the water, and mourned for the life I left in North Carolina. Days when I have looked at all the new things around me, and longed for some sense of familiar comfort. Days when all I wanted to do was frolick through Wal-mart and Target until I could stand no more. There have been days when I've looked to the Lord, and said, "Ok, the vacation is over...can I go back home now? Or can you at least tell me why we are here?"
But let me tell you something.
I have learned to love the skies I'm under.
Slowly, but surely I am learning to wake up every day and find a joy in the small things around me.
And it's these small things that have added up to create a different quality of life.
 A content quality of life.
I'm learning to love things like long walks on the sea-wall when the water is so still it looks like glass...and the mountains seem to lumber with a powerful elegance over all that sits below. I'm learning to love things like the little butterflies that flitter by me every time I play tennis and the breeze blowing through, that always smells like the sea.
I'm learning to love the season in which God has placed me.
Even though I may not know the reason for being in it yet.
It's quite lovely, I think:)

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