Thursday, June 18, 2015

choose joy


The last few days it's been hydrangeas everywhere.... blooming in huge bunches everywhere.
And in farmers' gardens that have turned bright green.  

It's been in sunset drives and in country music - which I have refused to listen to up to this point. 
I'm still pretty selective;) 

I've found it in unexpected bouquets of flowers gracing my empty room and in naps by the pool. 
It's in conversations with old friends who have returned for the summer and in good foamy coffee. 

Sometimes it sneaks up on me in a song. 
Lately it's been something like this
and in this - which stirs my spirit every time. 

It's in moments at the gym when scripture just clicks. 
And I end up smiling like a fool on the rowing machine at things like a royal identity and a divine purpose...humbled by Love and at Grace.  
And suddenly, my biceps don't hurt so much.

I find it in my Madre - who knows the perfect time to surprise me with a stop by 7/11. Because chocolate almonds and sushi cures a multitude of wrongs...duh.

I've even learned to see it in crazy tan-lines and in oily skin. 
They write out days and memories in the sunshine - moments I'll soon want to remember. 

I see it in traditional Japanese dinners and locally caught river thousands of fireflies along the riverbanks and in the sounds of frogs echoing between the mountains in the dark. 
It's in moments when I want to pinch myself all over because I simply can't believe I'm seeing the things I am - when I can't believe it's real life. 

But it is. 
It's all real. 
And I can't believe I get to be a part of it. 
It's pretty darn great. 
I'm thankful:) 

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