Thursday, July 24, 2014

shimogama-jenja: day 5

One of the things I've always loved about Kyoto is the way ancient tradition and modern cityscape are blended together so beautifully. There is no lack of quaint in Kyoto. 
In fact, such things define it. 

But Kyoto is also a very busy full of people visiting from all over the world.
And my days have been very busy - full of kanji characters, mourning, and rejoicing. 
And yesterday, I just needed to go somewhere quiet and green...where I could hear myself think, and where I could relax. 

So, I Googled "The most trees in Kyoto", and came upon Shimogama-jenja - one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto and one that has been virtually unaffected by time over the years. 
And after classes, I hopped on my bike, and headed off in search of green. 

There weren't many people, a cool breeze was blowing through the shade, and the trees were some of the biggest I've seen in Japan - standing like tall wooden guards along the path. 
The air was full of that familiar, lovely, woodsy smell, and the sound of birds accompanied it all. 

It was exactly what I needed. 

So thank you, Shimogamo-jenja. 
For giving me a place to think in quiet, and for giving this inakamono some green :) 


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