Saturday, July 26, 2014

gion matsuri and a week accomplished.

It's only been a week since I came to Kyoto. 
In many ways, it seems like it's been forever...I've seen so many amazing things, met so many new people, and learned more than I ever thought possible.
There has been death, and there has been new discovery. 
There were times of quiet and moments of solitude...sitting by the river, riding my bike down Shirakawa-dori, or watching people go about their days around the University. Those moments of reflection and of calm. 
And then there were busy moments - overwhelming, full-to-the-brim moments when I felt I couldn't process it all. Like trying to follow 4 hours of lecturing in Japanese, or trying to catch a taxi at a busy intersection for the first time...countless hours of Kanji review and nights at Karaoke in Gion. 
It's been such a whirlwind experience, and such a crazy time of growth...
but God is so good. 
And He has provided so abundantly during this time:) 

Here's to quiet moments, and to busy ones, alike. 
Here's to moments of grief, and conquering joy. 
Here's to a week accomplished....and here's to three more weeks of adventure. 

It's gonna be good. 


(These photos were taken on Thursday during Kyoto's most famous festival - the Gion Matsuri :) 

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