Wednesday, July 30, 2014

notes to self.

notes to self: 

- don't try and bicycle home in a dress with 8 liters of water in your basket.You're not Wonder Woman, and your track record for elegance on moving vehicles is less than stellar. 

- take the back road home from school more often. it's slower, but there are rice patties and little gardens, and a brook that runs under a canopy of will remind you of home:) 

- allow yourself to nap...with the door wide open, in the afternoon breeze. 

- be frugal, but make sure you're not being too careful. this is a unique season of life. 
allow yourself to enjoy the novelty.

- if you get a good cup of coffee, savor it. 
they don't come around here very often, so when they do, it is worth appreciating.
but learn to love the endless cups of ocha...this season is temporary, and you'll miss it before too long.

"do not be afraid...just remember what the Lord your God did for you before." 
(Deut. 7:18) 

- it's okay that you're not getting perfect scores on all your Japanese quizzes. this is supposed to be fun, not a chore. work hard, try your best, and leave the rest to the Lord. His plan for you at this school is already plotted :) 

- it's been almost 2 weeks in Kyoto, now. 
I know you're busy, and you have established a small routine...but allow yourself to sit back and wonder at this experience from time to time. 
at least once a day. 
preferably more. 

because it's priceless. and time sure does fly. 


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  1. oh, i had forgotten how much i love that verse in deuteronomy.
    this is just lovely.


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