Thursday, June 12, 2014

悦び: Summer Days


Things have been a beautiful blur, lately.

I'm not quite sure I've known what to do with myself since graduation, and summer days have commenced.

The other day, I sat for on the shores of the Nishiki river for over an hour and watched the small wooden boats float under lantern light. I felt almost as if I was in a dream...I had no where to be, no papers to think about writing, and could simply drink in the moment for all it was worth. I can finally focus my efforts on soaking up as much of Japan as possible. 
So, in light of that grand thought, the next day I made time for a stroll through the temples and gardens of the Kintai area to see the Irises and Hydrangea in bloom. And again, I was reminded of how blessed I am to live here. The flowers were beautiful, the herons were everywhere, and there were countless Japanese families just sitting under trees, sketching flowers.
It all doesn't seem real, sometimes.

On my stroll, I met a small group of  adorable Senior Citizens simply savoring the new flowers, and received the most adorable little phone call from my little Iori-chan that started something like this: 

"Graysie-sensei! Ohisashiburi desu....sabishikatta desuyo."
(It's been a long time...I've missed you!)

Sometimes, so many beautiful moments compile themselves together so perfectly, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.

And then I had sushi 3 times in 4 days. I don't quite know how it happened, but I'm definitely not complaining. 

After two exceptionally late nights and equally early mornings, I have fallen asleep in the craziest places and circumstances. So far, my list of napping places includes the middle of a conversation, the pool deck, and the hospital bed at Physical Therapy - while my legs got electro-therapy. I'm pretty sure my mouth was open, and the poor Corpsman had to come wake me up.
It's quite the pitiful state of affairs.

This time last year, I was in the States visiting family for the summer. I didn't get to see my Nihon home mature fully into summer time. So this year, I'm trying to soak it all  the change in - even the budding humidity and mosquitoes.
Summer in Japan is magical...there's just something about it that makes me feel completely at peace.
So, I've loved getting to see it all transform - to see the lotus grow taller each day and the mountains turn a brilliant green. I've loved the changing smells and the ocean breeze that blows away the steamy haze of the lotus fields. It's a good vibe.

I haven't really been able to walk or run around too much, due to my leg injuries - but somehow, adventures have still managed to find their way into my little world. 
 It's funny how beautiful and exciting even the menial things become with a little perspective.
I think I need more of that sometimes - perspective.
My perspective needs to be molded by gratitude and joy.
So I'm trying to appreciate more - to be thankful.

And man, is it turning out to be a beautiful task :)

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  1. this is just lovely! i love hearing about your adventures and stories (and i feel like i say that in literally every comment i leave, but seriously love your posts.)


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