Thursday, June 27, 2013

In which I return.

It's been a while, hasn't it? Two months, at least. And here I find myself again sitting in the same bed, in the same exact position, typing words again. So much can change and evolve in two months. 
And these past two months, I have felt like I was standing outside of it all just watching things move and change around me. 
It's a very strange feeling, you know, to watch everything move around you and know that you are somehow a part of it, but not exactly understanding how. 
That's how I felt this summer. 

And the reason behind my absence? Well, I went on a trip - an adventure - to America. 
I don't think I've ever had such a mixture of feelings as I've had during this one trip. There was hysterical laughing, and there were tears. There were times when we played, and times when we sat. And somehow, in the midst of it all, I experienced America again. 
My thoughts on it? Well, not much has changed. I'm sure I could write a huge post on the culture changes, and shocks, and all the difference between my two homes on either side of the world. And maybe I will. But for now, I sit here again in Iwakuni a tad different than before. I feel like I've been caught up in a whirlwind, tossed around and spit out to clean up the mess. And here in Japan, I'm rediscovering all the normal, everyday things that make this Asian adventure so worth it. I'm rediscovering who I am when I'm alone and don't have distractions around me. 
In a way, it's cleansing and it feels good. 
I miss my people back in America. I miss Trader Joe's and $1.00 McDonald's iced coffees and an abundance of American clothing stores. But more than all of that, I know deep in my heart that I'm supposed to be right here. In the little southern islands of Japan, serving wherever the Lord would have me go. It's a hard mixture of feelings, but when they all settle, I carry a peace that goes with being in Iwakuni. And it's that peace that helps me go on, though I miss people and's that promise from the Lord that keeps me going. And I'm learning so well to breathe
It's good. It's all good. 


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