Tuesday, July 2, 2013

lazy days of 夏

Summers in Japan are magical. They really are. The mountains turn a vibrant green, and the warm breeze seems to immerse these islands in a salt air: the smell of summer. Lotus fields grow high from their muddy roots, and rice paddies become alive again. Everything is green...everything. And the area around is a strange, beautiful mix of jungle and ocean. I love that about where I live. 
 Days are spent adventuring and gallivanting. And most times, you'll find us by the sea. That is, of course, the place we feel most at home;) Our dinners are filled with fish caught just a few hours before and accompanied on our plates by vegetables bought at the local farm stand. Life becomes simple again, and the everyday complexities are stripped away to reveal the most amazing small joys.

That's why I savor moments like these. When we travel 2 hours south of our little seaside town, over mountains and through little villages, just to get to a wonderful spearfishing spot. Adventures that require having to hike through a jungle and bamboo forest, and crawl through underbrush to get to the beach, but are completely worth it for the view on the other side.
Those moments when I'm the only person on a beach that looks like it's been plucked out of a postcard and plopped in front of me. When the priority of the moment is simply watching the waves kiss the shore and the sun begin to retreat behind the islands. When we're driving home and nobody can speak because the sunset is so beautiful and everyone's afraid that if a word is spoken, the spell will be broken and this will have all been a dream. 
And the only thing I could think as I sat there on the beach, was how utterly grateful I was. For this opportunity to live where I do and for the gift of seeing such beautiful things. He really does know the desires of our hearts. And as I was sitting there, I felt nothing but my heart fill with complete peace and satisfaction...about to burst with gratitude. 

Yay, Lord! Do it again:)

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