Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today was an amazing Saturday. 
The morning began with a long, beautiful walk. Madre and I strolled to a small Italian cafe called Primavera where they serve the most beautiful cappucinos and the best french toast I've ever laid taste buds upon - the Japanese really know how to do carbs. 
The bread was thick, and almost like a custard. The cappuccinos were adorable, and we dined outside, surrounded by sakura trees. Beautiful.
Mom and I chatted over our breakfast, and finally got the chance to enjoy a quiet morning in each others' company without the distraction of an impending schedule. I think we both just needed some Madre & Graysie time. My Madre is my bestest friend, and it did my soul good to be able to be completely myself and enjoy a quaint Saturday morning in Iwakuni with one of my favorite people:)
On the way home, we stumbled across the cutest roadside market. There was so much fresh produce and flowers . . . I wanted to buy everything! But somehow we managed to leave with only some fresh apples, mikans, lemons, lettuce, and a beautiful bunch of flowers for my humble abode. 
I had to work this afternoon, so we hurried home and I headed to the pool. 
And when I got home, we made a simple meal of udon, salad, gyoza, and sashimi and simply enjoyed each others company late into the evening. 
I think that the busier I get, the more and more I realize how much I love and cherish my family's company.
They are my best friends, and they know me better than anyone else. Soon, I'll be on my own, and days like these will be fewer and farther in between. So for now, I cherish them...and I write about them. And I savor every moment with these people who have known me since birth. 
Because they are the bestest, after all:)

Hope you all had an amazing Saturday! 



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