Monday, January 21, 2013

the start of something new....

In the attempt to raise money for our traveling after high school, one of my best friends and I came up with the idea of beginning an Etsy shop!
Late one night in a coffee shop amid jazz music and cafe lattes, we came up with idea to combine two of our great loves: thrifting and Japan. 
 And after much searching, planning, buying, and cleaning we came up with our shop. 

Messy Hair and Thirsty Hearts. 

I think the title describes us pretttyy well;)

We sell vintage Japanese goodies, and homemade treasures! Most of the stuff you'll find is either Japanese themed or is from Japan itself. But sometimes, we like to mix things up a bit and throw in a painting or two;) 

So far, I've only had time to upload two items to the shop.
But I have so many more treasures just waiting to be posted!
For now, grab a cup of green tea (or coffee if you like), browse our shop, and enjoy our little slice of Japan;)


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