Saturday, January 5, 2013

simple things.

I think that sometimes I am hesitant to post here unless it's a huge picture post, filled with adventure. It's silly really - but I feel like I have to bring you guys a long post filled with pictures and a grand tale of travel for it to be worthy of a read. 
But the other day, as I was thinking about a super long and meaningful tale to write about, it occurred to me.: this blog isn't meant for all the big escapades and tell worthy tales. It's not a blog to document only the big things that happen; the things that are monumentous.
This is a place for me to write about the most important things - the simple everyday joys. These are the things that make my days happy. They are the joys that turn everyday life into something lively and always new. It is the everyday comings and goings that make it all worth living.  
So some days, you may expect to see a big post that documents wondrous adventures had. 
And others you may find a simple one - like today - where I simply tell of my small, noteworthy, and occasionally insane adventures. 
And those are some of the most precious of all, I think. 

So today I will write about the seawall, and how it always seems to whisper to my very soul. 

I'll write about  how thankful I am for the beautiful sea that surrounds my little town, and the mountains that guard it.

I'll tell you about the thrift store and how I have bought way too many vintage books, records, and dishes. 

The moments of quiet that I found in the gym locker room this morning as I recovered from my workout and prepared to leave. The moments of deep breathing and intimate prayer. 

I'll write about riding home with the windows down and the breeze blowing off the ocean and into my hair. 

I made a great pizza last night. With homemade sauce. It was wonderful, and I just thought I would let you know. 

The last few days I have had mixed feelings about where I live. On the one hand, I miss the familiarity of the States, and on the other, I don't want to leave this Asian land. I don't think I'll go home the same person who left. It's not that I've gotten plugged into a roaring social group here...or that I'm occupied every single day with entertainment. It's just that I have learned so many new things, seen so many new cultures and gained so much more confidence than when I left. I feel as if I'm a new if God has used this time to sculpt within me a soul reliant on Him alone. Japan was His tool. And I am so thankful. 

I start classes on the 14th. Please pray for me! I'm super excited...

I GOT A JOB. Need I repeat that? GRAYSIE CARREIRO HAS FINALLY LANDED A JOB IN JAPAN. Yup. I'm a lifeguard again. And I'm so happy:))

This morning, I made coconut coffee. I think it's one of my new loves. Especially with foamed milk in the mornings....oh yes. 

I will finish by writing about the sunset tonight. The sun set beneath the mountains and shone the last rays of it's light through my windows. It's rays fell right onto my I lay there for a good 15 mins. Soaking up the warmth and the thought that summer is only a few months away:) 

That thought could not make me happier...


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