Friday, November 9, 2012

A Promotion.







Last week, Dad got promoted to a Lt. Col. I couldn't be more proud.
It was a simple ceremony out on the green, but so many people showed up! People that I didn't even know came and couldn't stop telling me what a great man my Padre is.
I know I'm bragging, but I couldn't agree more:)
It's a sorry frog that doesn't praise his own pond!
I know I've only been alive for only 16 years of our journey with the Marine Corps, but I still get so excited when I think about how far we've come.
My Mom met my Dad when he was Enlisted, and was considering  an ROTC scholarship to UNC in 1992. Almost 20 years, 13 moves, and numerous deployments she sits. Still by his side as he pins on the rank of Lt. Col.
She's one amazing woman.
I couldn't be more proud of you.
You're an outstanding Marine, a wonderful father, but most importantly an honorable man of God who continually puts others before himself.
I can't wait to see God move in our lives as we approach this new season in your career.
You deserve it.
Love always,


  1. Congratulations to your whole I know promotions are a big deal for everyone!! Your words touched my heart so much.Please give everyone our love! xo

  2. Graysie, Ginger shared this with me! Loved seeing the pics of all you guys! Proud to call your dad a friend! God brought him into my life @ the perfect I struggled with the decision of homeschooling our children, his testimony of your family homeschooling helped me make my decision. God's timing, as always, was perfect..we're in year two of homeschooling! Bummed we only had a chance to have you all over once before we both moved. So look fwd to our families getting together again! God bless you guys! Always faithful!! Cesar Unzueta-Lake Wales, FL

  3. Graysie, I am so thrilled to celebrate this promotion with you guys!! These photos are amazing!! I spent time with each picture, and found myself both crying and smiling at the same time!! You have a special family! Your words moved me. You have such talent and wisdom beyond your years!! I love you all!! Please give your sweet mother a big, bear hug from nanaroo.


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