Thursday, October 25, 2012

where the lotus fields grow

One of the first things you'll notice about Iwakuni, is the fact that it's countryside is lined with lotus fields. The lotus root is a common food in Japan, and Iwakuni is known for it. In almost every supermarket, you can find lotus soup, lotus tempura, and even pickled lotus. It's everywhere.
Like an island in a sea of lotus fields, Iwakuni sits among the food it's known for. Small farm shacks and barns dot the countryside, but the most breathtaking and beautiful thing around are the sprawling lotus fields. I have found them to be so beautiful and so peaceful.
The Autumn breezes have begun to blow the big face-like leaves to and fro, and Fall's colors have taken the lotus fields captive in the form of gold, and green and yellow. Herons and cranes dot the acres of reeds and leaves, and carp swim between the tall green stems.
My writing does it no justice.
These fields are so beautiful, and so peaceful. All it takes is a ride through the fields, and I'm at peace. My heart is calm, and my eyes are full of the Lord's handiwork.
So I can do nothing but be immensely thankful:)

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