Friday, June 15, 2012


Boxes are standing as tall guards in every room. My things are strewn about all over the house, and I can't find most necessary things...but it's all good!
I'm learning to simplify, and live on little.
I'm learning to enjoy the small and meaningful things and live one day at a time.
I'm on a journey that's teaching me to enjoy every pebble along the path, while finding joy in the light ahead of me.

Life guarding has been teaching me to sit and enjoy the minutes and seconds of every day. I've been working long, hot, sunscreeny days...but in the midst of them I find myself looking around and smiling at the time that seems to pass so slowly at the pool.
Instead of complaining at the 2 hours that I have left in my shift, I've been learning to enjoy them, and savor every second because I know that in no time, those seconds will be gone.

So I have remembered these moments like pictures that you would put in a giant scrapbook that has worn edges and yellow pages. Except I have left a few pages empty because I can't wait to see the seconds that God blesses me with in the future.

On Tuesday they take away all our things, and I'm not sure where we will live. But wherever we live, I will be sure to approach it with a spirit of joy and adventure!
Life has been filled with so many surprises and joys, and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for the future! It's terribly sad to think about leaving all our friends, and some days I sit down and have a good old fashioned cry. But I wipe my tears away knowing that God is sending us to Japan, and I can say with confidence that the adventure that awaits us in Asia is grander than all my wildest dreams.

No worries:)

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