Monday, March 26, 2012

If I had a free day.

If I had a free day...
 I might begin it by sleeping in. Then I would rub my eyes, stretch my arms to the sky, and smell the coffee and toast down stairs. As I padded down the stairs, I would hear Mom and Padre reading the paper, and perhaps giggling over some shared joke. Padre would be in his fuzzy green robe and leather slippers, and Mom would be in her cute little black robe. I would shuffle down the hallway, meet my adorable parents on the porch. We would sit, and converse for an hour or so over breakfast.
Then we might go to the beach with the board for the day. We would ride to the shore with the windows down and the music loud. Reggae or some funky Jesus music would definitely be on the play list.
Lunch would come and go, and soon afternoon would be upon us. One of the boys would get hungry, and we'd pick up a hamburger and fries on the way home.
With sun tanned faces, and sand everywhere, we would cruise home to make a scrumptious dinner.
Old jazz music would be floating on the air, and the twinkling lights would be on outside, and I'd be adorned in my cover up, and be rocking the beach hair.
Then we'd talk until we felt sleepy,
and I'd shuffle back up the stairs to my lovely, lovely bed. The same bed  which I'm in right now.
The same bed in which I'm about to have some sweet slumber.
And with that.
I'd dream of the perfect day off. 

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