Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Notes.

Dear Friday: I love you. I love you. I LOVE you. You're a great joy in my week.

Dear McDonalds: I do believe that you can force the most calories into the smallest bits of food. WHY did you have to lead me down the path to destruction with that Egg McMuffin and iced coffee this morning?

Dear Padre: I like when you take off of work to come eat breakfast with us. Let's do it more, ok?

Dear Passport Picture: You deserve to be thrown into Mordor.

Dear Hillsong United: Thank you for getting me through this week! You're amazing. Mainly because of your accents.

Dear Warm Weather: Stay awhile why dontcha?

Dear License: Only 13 more days baby. I can already feel your laminated smoothness in my hand, and I can taste the freedom that comes with your presence in my wallet. As soon as I pick you up on April 12th...we're going for a little date at the beach. Just you, me, the iPod, and the open road.

Dear Future: Why are you sometimes so uncertain?

Dear Brothers of Mine: Would it kill you to put the seat down after using the porcelain throne?  Thank you for your cooperation,

Dear PeeWee (the hermit crab): You're the best pet ever, you little hermit, you.

Dear Blog Friends: I do believe it's time I signed off.

Love ,

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