Monday, April 16, 2012


You know those letters that 30 year olds write to their 16 year old selves? Well, lately I've been thinking about what I would write in those letters.
 In other words, I've been pondering what I need to do to avoid writing a regretful letter to myself when I'm 30. So these days I'm actually considering what I need to improve about myself and my life now. Make any sense? It did in my head.
Let's get started:

+ Letter to Myself +

~ Make Jesus the #1 priority. I don't care if you're running at 6am, or if you have a huge test to study for. Take time for the Lord and his Word. Without time in the Word, He won't be able to speak to you.

~ Don't worry what everybody else is doing. You're on your own program. I know it's tempting to want to follow the crowd, but the Lord's got other plans. Be OK with that.

~ Reduce the time you spend worrying over your body. Thank the Lord that He gave you a body that is perfectly healthy, and functions without problem. Don't spend so much energy throwing yourself under the bus for the way you think your body looks. It's OK. Just be healthy, and learn when to splurge. Your body knows how it's supposed to look.

~ Focus on your studies, but enjoy the time that God has given you with your family. I know studying is important, and college is on the horizon. But savor this time with your peeps or else you'll be alone in a dark dorm room with a Bio 101 textbook, dark chocolate, Doritos, Netflix, and the freshman 15. Don't go there.

~ Love your brothers. They annoy you...but you annoy them. Just live and let love.

~ "In this life, you expect trouble; when you worry you make it double. Don't worry, be happy."

~ Take more pictures

~ Laugh more often.

~Dance like no body is watching you.

~ Drive with the windows down

~ Enjoy being 16

~ Spend less time on the Internet. Facebook isn't that important, and I'm sure Pinterest hasn't changed in the last 2 hours. Go live life.

~ Smell the breeze

~ Hug the boys. Really hug them.

~ Have coffee with Mom every morning, because the time you get with her will be limited before you know it.  (queue the tears)

~ Enjoy long hugs from Padre.

~ Run through the grass with bare toes.

 ~ Drink water in mason jars

~ Surf more. ( For real)

~ Pray constantly.

~And most importantly:
 give thanks. This life is a blessing. Savor it.

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