Monday, March 22, 2010

Minty Freshness.

Sniff the air. Just do it. Let people look at you weird. Just do it.........
Breath it in. Do you feel it? Its' not our breath. It's not our air. It's not our day. Has it ever past your mind that the day....this day....tomorrow...has never happened before. I't's something totally new. We have never seen the day itself. I mean think about it. Yes maybe there has been another Monday. Maybe there has been another March 22. Yes. But have you ever seen this day? nope. I can bet you that you haven't seen into the future. So yes this day is new. And we can make it the best EVER. We can have hayday....with this day :)
I think that is so awesome. And I praise God for it every day;)
He has such Majesty.

ps. Why minty freshness??? well a new day is so you know... the minty fresh gum/breath/toothpaste/mouthwash/York patties. You get the point.

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