Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Why is it that I am lonely,
Even though you are with me all the time.
How come I still get frightened,
Even though you’ve brought me through the night

And why….are you so relentless
Even though I’ve run away?
Why Lord, do you stay with me,
When I don’t deserve the dayYou are Holy

You are Holy
Why are you with the dirty?
You are good,
Why be with the bad?
You are my cup overflowed.
When what I have,
Sometimes I would rather have not had.

You say, “I’ll never leave you,
I’ll keep you by my side.
Even though you turn sometimes
And run into the night.

I’ll keep you even though you run,
And curse me
And then go hide.
I’ll accept your broken heart,
Then be your reliant,
Like the tide.”

I’m feeling lonely and I don’t know why,
It’s because I’m a human,
I’m broken inside.

But with your love,
Make me new
Make me handsome.
Fill me.
Renew .

Empty me.
Fill my cup.
Empty evil….
Fill grace up.

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