Sunday, May 24, 2015

late night rambling and revelations

 Having Jesus doesn't mean life comes without struggle. 
The road is messy. 
And we're human. 

But even though we struggle, we aren't doomed. 
We have Jesus.

We are redeemed.  
And we are loved radically by the Creator of the universe. 

All that matters now is how we face those struggles - whether or not we choose the road of self-pity or thankful embrace....whether we choose to live as we're called - 
as children of God

The victory is ours. 
It's already won! 
Adversity allows us the opportunity to glorify our creator - to learn and love that victory. 
It's our choice - how we respond - whether we rise to a beautiful determination or crumple in fear, anxiety, and defeat.

It's spiritual vitality. 
It's real courage - not the lack of fear and hardship, but the overcoming and conquering of it. 
And we are more than conquerors with him. Remember? 

I don't know why I'm just coming to this conclusion...
Maybe it's just Life's experience teaching me something...teaching me to quit trying to be perfect and to let Him be who He is. 
Or maybe it's the realization of who I am in Christ. 
Or maybe I'm just slow and should have come to this realization a long time ago. 
All I know is it means something now. 
Refinement is real. 
It's a struggle.  

           Life isn't meant to be easy. 
But this is where the freedom lies. 
Because even in the midst of it all, we are called to something higher. 

We are called Children of God. 

And holy moses, that is a beautiful thought. 

Always rambling, 

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