Thursday, December 5, 2013

taking stock

Making: up for lost time. I miss blogging everyday.

Cooking: Christmas cookies with my Obaachans. We've got sugar cookies and shortbread and roll out cookies.Plus a quiche, and soup and rolls. Just call me Your Thighness.

Drinking: dairy free, refined sugar free, homemade hot cocoa. I know this stuff doesn't hold a candle to traditional hot cocoa...but I've been craving vats of the stuff, and for a healthy version, it's pretty darn good.

Reading: the Poisonwood Bible. This one is deep. But so far, it's got me that's a good thing, I guess.

Wanting: Right now? To be in the states with my family. I've had moments of homesickness in the past few days. But it's the holidays and that's to be expected.

Wasting: Throat drops. These winter allergies are no bueno. I swear I've consumed a bag and a half of Ricolas. Help me.

Wishing: For snow. If it's gonna be cold, it might as well snow. I'm beginning to feel a little bit jipped over here.

Enjoying: Early morning coffee. I really do go to bed thinking about waking up and having my quiet time over my steaming coconut milk latte. There are few things....

Waiting: to go to class

Liking: The feeling of utter confidence I've had lately. I'm usually pretty confident. But the past few weeks, I've simply felt like I have no body except the Lord to please and it's so refreshing.

Wondering: What this time next year, or even next month is going to be like. So many unknowns at this time in my life.

Loving: The way Bo has been coming for snuggle time every morning. She doesn't like the cold at all...and I can't blame her. Cold weather is a cruel reality of life.

Hoping: To have clarity on life decisions soon. And to go visit my family in the States for Christmas. We'll see if that actually happens, but this is the "hope" section, right?

Marveling: At the never ending pile of laundry in my room that has accumulated since swim lessons started. It's just something I've come to accept, at this point.

Needing: Nothing really.
              Oh - to return my library book.

Smelling: Cold morning air.

Wearing: My pink elephant pjs. These things are my favorite things ever and ever, amen.

Noticing: The sounds of the trains on their tracks over the river. It's a peaceful sound, really. I don't know why it brings me such calm. Maybe it's because I've always grown up around trains. It's funny how things as minute as a sound can instill such a sense of belonging, isn't it?

Knowing: That I have Calculus in an hour. Meh.

Feeling: Blessed and thankful, with a side of homesickness.

Bookmarking: T1-84 Plus Graphing Calculator for Dummies. #homeschooledprobz

Opening: College pamphlets. Tons and tons of college pamphlets.

Enjoying: sitting still on a cold, Friday morning.

And blogging. Blogging always does good things for me:)



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  1. oh, how i've missed your lovely posts, dear!
    and the first photo is the cutest- that's saying a lot because i don't even like dogs.


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