Tuesday, September 3, 2013

those moments though...

taking advantage of every rain fall

painted skies

These have been the most peculiar days. 
I've been busy beyond compare, running from place to place without much time to sit. Yet I find myself watching life pass by in a sort of slow, dreamlike manner. My days are predictable - but at the same time, I've found  that every single one is perfectly new and exciting in it's own way. 
I want to package up every moment and keep it forever in my pocket. 

These are the moments that I'll look back on and want to remember one day.
The slow moments at the pool with nothing better to do than float on my back in the water and listen to good music....or the rainy days at the very same pool that could be filled with nothing but movies and popcorn.
It's the moments that I get to watch an amazing sunset painted across the sky as I bike home, or an equally amazing sunrise as I run across my little sea side town. I want to savor those afternoons spent with good friends. Friends who run around with me in the mud.
Or the conversations I have with my Japanese lifeguards...about the importance of having a good heart - and how beautiful it makes a person
It's the nights spent al fresco -  laughing hysterically with my family around the dinner table. Nights when only candles light up the table, good food fills my plate, and the smell of the sea breeze permeates everything. . 
It's those moments. 
Those moments that make every day like a small vacation. 
That make me tilt my head back at the sky and laugh. 
Because it's all so perfect. 
And I can't imagine why God would see fit to give me such a beautiful life. 

So I'm thankful. Yet again. 
For such a wonderful gift:) 

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