Thursday, July 25, 2013

enjoying the simple and the still

It's easy to forget get so caught up in the busy that I forget to be still and savor.  
Simple beauty around me gets lost in the rush. 
And while it's good to be busy and productive...I really believe that it's equally important to learn the art of savoring the moment. Because once we learn to savor the moment, time seems to go a little bit slower, and we learn to be grateful for the here-and-now. 
In times of busyness, I find myself continually looking onto what lies ahead instead of relishing the present. And so this week, I purposed to try and focus on what blessings the current moment brings. 

And I discovered a few things. 

+ I love that I live on the edge of two seas. A sea of water, and a sea of lotus.

+ Even though it doesn't offer the best swimming, the small river that I live on offers a fantastic place for beach walking and for quiet thinking. I think I've found a new getaway:)

+ McDonalds is so much better in Japan. I don't know why. And frankly, I'm not sure I want to know why. I just know that everything I get from "Macado Narudo" is so much better when it's Japanese. 

+ Getting up to run at 5:30am is one of the hardest things ever. But running while the sun wakes up is one of the most beautiful things ever. 

+ Sushi lunches are made so much more enjoyable with friends. 

+ I never get tired of the beach. Never. Give me the seashore any day, at any time. I'll take it. 

Time is passing by so quickly. I feel like I'm watching the world pass me by at record speed, and I wish I could reach out, grab it, and lock it away so that it could never go any further. But since that doesn't seem to be an option, I'm finding that the best way to slow time down is to savor the present.
So that's what I'm purposing to do.  
And while it's difficult - especially when times are busy - I'm enjoying it so much. 
It's making me slow down. 
It's giving me more joy. 
And it's making me more grateful than ever for every sweet moment that comes my way. 


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