Saturday, February 16, 2013

just words.

Today, it's just words. 
I have finally found a still and quiet moment, and all I want to do with it is write these little black words in New Times Roman.  I don't want to write about how busy this week has been, how I've gotten little to no sleep, or how my laundry is piled up in a small Mt. Fuji behind my door. I just want to write about the simple things this week. The things that I've picked out of the rushing traffic of obligations around me. Those tiny things that seem to become bigger than all the busyness in the end. 

I've been learning to look up this week. 
I've been learning to look up to the mountains beyond the sea wall, and remember where I am. To look up to the clock on the wall at the pool, and cherish the quiet moments of sitting on stand every morning. This week, I've been understanding that in order to move forward I've gotta keep my head up so that I can continue to keep my eyes on the One who nudges me forward in His will for my life. 

This week I'm thinking about how far I've come since moving to this place. I think about posting this, and how all of those first impressions have changed since living here. I remember landing in Iwakuni, and not knowing that I would play tennis 2 weeks later, travel up and down Japan, begin to learn a new language, start college classes, work at the pool, start a Bible Study, and meet life long friends. My mind was so limited  only 6 months ago. And yet here I sit today. A completely different person than I was then. I have grown so much more than I thought I would, and I carry experiences with me that I will never forget. The Lord has become so much bigger in my life, and I have learned to rely on Him with more trust and faith then I ever have before. I've gone through some rough patches since moving to Japan. Patches where I could think of nothing more than running back to the States. But through all of those moments, He has shown me how great He is, and how much He holds for those who cling to Him with every fiber of their being. 

And so I am learning to cling. 
I'm learning to grip onto my Savior with every strength in me, and hold on for dear life. I'm beginning to see the ways He moves; those small, and beautiful ways that he decides to touch my insignificant life.
And I'm thankful. 
So very thankful.

That is all for now. Now it's back to all the busyness and the educational words.  Back to the small beautiful moments. 

As always, 

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