Wednesday, January 25, 2012

:Life Update:

Well, I haven't posted in a while. But I guess life got in the way!
So without further's how our life has gone:
Christmas Edition.

Christmas Eve! This was after the church service where both Mick and I read scripture in front of the church! This year we also were in a Christmas play.....don't ask me how we got there.
Mick was a christmas tree, and I was a present.
haha If you could have only seen us. It was quite the sight to be had.

Also on Christmas eve, my best friend Katie and I went downtown with the dogs, and explored for a few hours. We got some delicious fudge and coffee, and then we went to the park, and let the dogs chase the sea gulls. It was quite lovely indeed.

This is Christmas Morning! Isn't it beautiful? It's almost like God painted it there just for that morning. I had to snap a picture. There aren't many pictures of that day though, because I was more concerned with the familia than snapping some shots:) I guess I should have been more productive, but hey - I had fun!

So that was our Christmas...or glimpses of it at least! We had a wonderful one ideed.
Hope your Christmas' were beautiful as well.

Love, Graysie

ps. I promise to post more:)

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