Tuesday, March 8, 2011

when things take a different turn.

What happens when disappointment hits? What occurs when the painful sting of denial comes into my life?

Why is it that sometimes I am absolutely positive that life is supposed to go a certain way or happen at a certain time, and yet I get denied my fleshly wishes.

There are always times, when I think that life was supposed to turn a certain way in God's will. When I think that the way I want life, is most definitely the will of my Saviour. I assume that the decisions of a mighty Creator rest in my hands, and my mind.

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It might be the letter that never comes, or the boyfriend I never meet. Perhaps it's the school I didn't get accepted to, or the career that I never thought of pursuing. I think it's in those moments that I feel a flood of emotion against and with the Lord. There have been seasons of anger towards the Lord, and seasons of question. Moments of despair, and nights of quietude. It's in those moments of wondering, and pondering that I realize that God is not a God of neverending fulfillment of our every wish. That He is a God that has a mighty and glorious plan for our lives, and it is only in that plan that we can find true peace and joy. Without that wonderous plan for each and every human being on this planet, we would all walk around without purpose, without joy, and with a neverending lack of peace. It is only in His mighty arms that a flood of peace enters our souls and we are never-more anxious about what the world has to throw our way.

A very wise father of mine once said:

"Remember God's past provision in His future grace."

I find that to often I worry myself about little things, and get so concerned about what the world thinks. When really I should be enjoying the Aftermath of Christ's sacrifice. No longer do we have to be chained to the shackles of dissapointment and shame. No longer are fear and guilt our restraint. We are free. We can be joyful.

It is the Aftermath. Rejoice.

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