Thursday, January 21, 2010

the call...

There is a certain call that all Christians must respond to. It is a radical call...and one that most are afraid to respond to. In order to fully live a fulfilling life devoted to Christ, we must respond with every living ounce of our being. This call that Christ gave us...should be what we live for, one that that we would die for. Christ said to pick up our cross and follow him. He gave his life; the least we can do is give ours. We must live a set apart life for him. That is what our Jesus has called us to do as his followers.
He says that if you deny him in this world, He will deny you before the Father. That doesn't just mean denying him verbally. I don't think that Jesus is saying that we just should never refuse that we are followers. I believe He is saying not to deny Him in all we do. That means how we live, what movies we watch, what we listen to, what we say, who we talk about, how we act, and how we love. Our lives need to be a mirror of what our Savior did for us. Our lives need to be devoted.
If I'm a die-hard surfer; I'm going to try to get to the hardest, nicest waves whenever possible. I sleep with my board. My brain is a portrait of water. My life is devoted to what I am doing.
I find it funny that as Christians, we can be so devoted to so many other things...but Christ is not our most fervent passion. If He is going to be my passion. I have to try to do His will whenever possible. I must sleep, eat , and breath His word. And my brain must be in a constant image of his Grace. My life must be His.
But what does it mean to give my life? In order to die for my Prince...I may not have to die a physical death. You know. My I live...what I's now all His. And that means that I don't get to decide what I say or what I wear or where I go. He does. Its hard. But its so beautiful. And when His plans are carried out in your life. In my life. Even in the small things. It's more spectacular than we could ever formulate.
I feel in my heart that I am supposed to go across the world to tell about his share the cup he has most graciously given me. But I am young. I can't go now. He knows that. And if He wanted me to go...I'm sure he would provide a way. But now is a time for waiting. A time where he is preparing my heart. His timing is perfect. And I know that his perfect plan will be carried out. I must live for Him even when I wait.
If I find in myself, desires, which nothing in this world can satisfy...then I must be meant for another world. So I'll live for it.

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