Monday, December 14, 2009

mighty in power.

You know, I just heard a really motivating sermon. I feel all empowered I could conquer the my mind I'm saying, 'Put 'em up!'. I mean it was awesome!!
So now that I have made a big deal out of the whole thing...I might as well tell you what it was about.

Well you see, he was talking about the attacks that you get from the enemy. And how hard they can sometimes be. I mean really, sometimes I feel like I'm going to break. Anyways, the point of the sermon was that the enemy attacks you...'cause he wants you to stop doing the Lords service. So in other words...the bigger a threat you are to the Kingdom of Hell, the harder the attacks are going to be from the enemy. So its going to be hard for those who truely want to follow him. Those who stand idle as Christians may ride the easy road. They may say they are Christians, but never really get attacked because they don't truely live a life that would further the Kingdom of God. So Satan doesn't mess with those guys, he knows that they are no threat. So he goes after the die hards. They are the ones who will ultimately further God's kingdom...who will live and love Gog with everything they do. The enemy knows that they are the ones who are not afraid to stand up to the world. He knows that they are fearless with God.
So. If you are attacked, don't be afraid. Don't run away from the fight...but say, 'bring it on!'. With God, defeating the enemy is as good as done. All you have to do is let God fight, and don't think that you can do it alone. 'Cause that's what the enemy wants.
Jesus loves us so much, that he saved us from the pit from which we belong. But not only did he save us...he is with us 'till the end. He will fight for us, and keep us safe. He will stay with me when all others run away, he will take hold of my hand and lead me through the nights of life. He strives to have a relationship with me that sometimes I run away from. He won't relent.And that's... what I call true love.

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