Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today, I'm thankful for the rain and cool morning air. 

I'm thankful for the way wet hair blows over warm skin in the breeze, and the marks that a hard nap leaves on your face. 

I'm thankful for gigantic chicken legs at Sanzoku (Chicken Shack), and an omusubi that was bigger than my head. 
I'm just thankful for good food in general, really. 

Today, it's giggles that turn into peals of laughter and looks that translate into more than words.

I'm thankful for nose-wiggling lessons with one of my new Japanese students. 
For new opportunities and new beginnings. 

I'm thankful for mornings spent playing in the rain with Bo. For ending up soaked, streaked with mud, and looking like a Wild Thing, but completely satisfied. I don't think I ever want to reach a point in life where I can't run around in the rain without abandon. It's the little things. 

I'm thankful for the veritable feast of flowers that sprouted up in time for summer and for the deafening sound  of crickets at dusk. The lotus fields turn into a symphony hall of summertime as soon as the sun goes down. 
It's one of my favorite sounds. 

Today, I'm thankful for quiet walks home under the stars and the thoughts mulled over during them. Sometimes solitude is necessary. 

Dear last year in Japan, 
Yes. I'm thankful for you too. Because even though I can't fathom that you're here, and still cringe when I think too hard about you, you're helping me appreciate each moment so much more deeply than I thought possible. Everything is sweeter when it's temporary. Thank you for teaching me to take nothing for granted. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend :) 


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