Wednesday, May 28, 2014

joy recorded

I heard something yesterday that won't stop rambling through my head: 

"What is joy if it's not recorded? What is love if it is not shared?" 

At first I was a little confused by the idea...I love to record joy in various forms,  but I've always thought it's better to simply absorb the most joyful moments. They are not meant to be recorded. 

But as I was biking through tiny neighborhoods yesterday - along rivers, into a blazing sunset, with a bundle of flowers in my basket - I thought that quote was one of the most profound things ever. 

Yes, it is true: most of life's most meaningful moments cannot be recorded. They must be felt. 

But if we do not keep stock of them in some way...if we do not collect those moments and log them away, it becomes easy for us to forget them. It becomes far too easy to simply pass by them without a thought or notice. 
It hit me on my bike - as I was absorbing everything around me. 
When we record those moments of utter satisfaction...those most simple, most beautiful moments...our joy grows. 
Sometimes, it is the recording - the documenting and noting - that produces the joy. 
Because when we document, we remember. And when we remember all those moments of satisfaction and blessing, we are forced to give thanks. 
And when we are forced to give thanks, we have no choice but to be filled with joy. 

Unconditional joy stems from thankfulness for even the small, seemingly meaningless things of no consequence. 

And thankfulness in all circumstances allows us to share our joy in the Love that our Creator has shared.   
It's a cycle...a beautiful cycle. 

And so, I've purposed to record more moments of joy...even if they're random and seem menial. 
Because I want my life to be a living example of Christ's love. 
I want his love to be shared through the joy in my life. 

So here it goes. 


-  Last night, I read aloud with my brothers for the first time in years. They are growing up so quickly...I hope they never get too old, or too "cool" to sit and read with me. It's unifying, and peaceful in so many ways. 

- The outdoor pool opened again this past weekend, and I've reverted back to my summer uniform: 
my skin is turning brown again, my hair is becoming light, and everything I own smells like sunscreen. 
Sunglasses have become my most used accessory, and my lifeguard whistle has replaced my necklaces. 
This summer conversion is so natural, it feels like I've settled into my skin again. 
And, as cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I become the most vibrant version of myself in the summer time. 
Even with the permanent smell of sunscreen. 
I could write a whole blog post about my love for summer time. 
It would be like Olaf's song in Frozen.
You know, maybe I will write a post about this change in season. 
It's bound to happen: an ode to summer. 

- Speaking of summertime, I've loved keeping my windows open. 
There's something magical about open windows and the atmosphere they allow. 
I love being able to hear life happening outside. 
And all that outside life is made even more wonderful when my record player sets it's songs to sail over the breeze.

- Being able to ride my bike everywhere has become my favorite.
I love clunking over the uneven streets, down narrow alley ways, and through the maze of neighborhoods. 
There's always something new and exciting to see. 

- I met some of my students for the English classes I'll be teaching over my gap year, yesterday. 
They just happened to be the "baby class", and let me tell you something - 
if my obsession with adorable Asian children needed any encouragement, it definitely got it's fair dose. 
 I wanted to eat them all up and I'm so dang excited to be their "Graysie-sensei" 
There will probably be a whole post devoted to their adorable little selves, as well. 

- I've been reading more books lately. 
There's something cleansing and wonderful about forcing yourself to sit down and read through a book. 
It's a discipline, but I've been loving it. 

- Also:  this song. It's been on repeat. 
Listen to it. 

Goodness, I love this life. 
It's so darn beautiful. 

I don't know how else to say it. 
So, for now, I'll just continue to record be utterly thankful :) 

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